Cork City ask FIFA to reconsider

Wednesday 18th April 2007, 1:01 pm

Cork City FC.

Cork City FC.

Cork City have released a statement today suggesting they will be appealing FIFA's decision on Gareth Farrelly and Colin Healy which leaves the two players ineligible to play until July. The club most lodge their appeal before Friday's deadline.

The players fell foul of the "two clubs per year" rule installed by FIFA but City felt that the different eircom League season would be seen as an extenuating circumstance.

However, Cork City have confirmed that they have "made a strongly-worded submission to FIFA" in relation to the issue asking FIFA to reconsider. The club have been in consultation with people within the game, in legal circles and even those involved in politics.

"The club is committed to doing everything in it's power to see justice prevail in relation to the two players concerned. Cork City Football Club reiterates the unfairness of the situation, both for the players themselves, as well as for the club, and sincerely hope that justice and common sense will prevail in the matter," concluded the statement.

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